JOB VACANCY for the post JAZZ MUSICIAN IN SECTION, September 16, 2022



Autor: HRT

Bas trombon Jazz orkestara HRT-a

Bas trombon Jazz orkestara HRT-a

Foto: Domagoj Kunić / HRT

Croatian Radiotelevision

Human Resources Unit

Zagreb, September 16, 2022


JOB VACANCY for the post


BU Production, Music Department

(1 person to be hired for an indefinite time period)

Bass Trombone in Jazz Orchestra – 1 person

Conditions that candidates must meet:

− Bachelor’s degree / Master’s degree – University undergraduate studies or the equally valid specialist graduate studies - Music Academy/Music Academy, Jazz Department

− 1 year of soloist, chamber or orchestral performing experience in the field of jazz music

− Knowledge of one world language

− Knowledge of computer use (and ability to use applications for work)

Trial period: 6 months plus audition

Job requirements:

− playing in the Jazz Orchestra in the following positions: Trumpets 2, 3, and 4, Trombones 2 and 3, Bass Trombone, Alto Saxophone 2, Tenor Saxophone 1 and 2, Baritone Saxophone, Piano, Guitar, Double Bass/Bass Guitar,

− performing demanding music parts and solo performance ability at rehearsals, concerts and recordings, as well as during tours within the country and abroad,

− improvising within the set style framework,

− playing music parts using specific (related) and other instruments,

− playing prima vista,

− maintaining high artistic performing levels through continual individual practice,

− taking part in auditions, the work of the Artistic Council and other activities of the Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT) Jazz Orchestra,

− performing of related jobs as defined by the HRT internal code or/and as is ordered by your superior

Post responsibilities:

− For the quality of performance of your section

− For individual preparedness for performance

− For arriving on time for rehearsals, concerts, recordings and for being courteous during rehearsals, concerts and recordings,

− For correct writing in of additional marks in the sheet music as instructed by the conductor,

− For the good working order of the instruments and the accompanying tools,

− For the observing of hierarchy within the section/orchestra

Apart from an application, the candidates must provide:

− CV ( in Croatian or English)

− Proof of citizenship (a copy of domovnica - certificate of Croatian nationality) or valid identity card or valid passport)

− Proof of acquired professional qualifications (copy of diploma). If this is not a Croatian, but foreign diploma, the chosen candidate is required to provide proof/verification on his foreign university diploma being recognized by the National Office (ENIC/NARIC) operating within the Science and Higher Education Agency of the Republic of Croatia. The document should be provided before taking up employment.

− Proof of work experience

− Certificate or document provided by the foreign languages school on the knowledge of a foreign language or different relevant proof

− Proof of being acquainted with information systems (copy of the relevant documents acquired from educational institutions)

If the documents proving professional qualifications and work experience are originally written in a foreign language, the candidates have to provide a certified translation into Croatian translated by a court interpreter for the relevant foreign language.

Personal statements cannot be accepted as proof of fulfilment of formal conditions.

A complete application is seen as one containing all the data and appendices as set in the job vacancy advertisement.

The person who fails to submit their application on time or fails to provide all the required documents, or does not fulfil all the formal conditions set in the job vacancy advertisement will not be considered a candidate in the process of the public job vacancy procedure.

The audition in order to secure full employment based on this job vacancy announcement for the candidates meeting the requirements set in the job vacancy announcement will be held on October 20, 2022.

In order to receive the programme of the audition and sheet music please contact the following e-mail address:

The candidates who meet the formal conditions of the job vacancy requirements will be informed about the place and manner of the holding of the audition in line with the Auditions' Rule Book.

Persons who under special legislation have the right to have preferential status when seeking a job need to mention this right and submit proof of their status.

The candidates who claim the right to preferential status in the course of obtaining a job in line with Article 102 of the Law on Croatian Homeland War Veterans and Members of their Families(, and candidates who wish to use the right of preferential status when seeking a job in line with Article 48 of the Law on Civilian Victims of the Homeland War (, and who at the time of submitting an application are eligible for taking advantage of this right are required to apart from the application for the job vacancy also submit all the documents proving they meet the requirements for preferential status in the process of seeking a job. The list of documents proving such status regarding both mentioned possibilities can be found on Croatian War Veterans webpage: 

The expressions which in this job vacancy advertisement are used for natural persons are in the male gender, but extend in the same manner to persons of male and female gender. The job vacancy advertisement is open to both genders.

By submitting an application for the job vacancy advertisement, the candidate agrees for Croatian Radiotelevision, being in charge of personal data processing to have the right to process their personal data in line with the legislation regulating personal data.

The applications for the job vacancy advertisement with proof of meeting the conditions set by the advertisement need to be submitted by post within 15 days since the day of the job application advertisement being published, to the following address: Hrvatska radiotelevizija, RJ Ljudski potencijali/Human Resources (soba/room 152, B 30), Prisavlje 3, 10000 Zagreb, not forgetting to add to the address: "Za natječaj Jazz muzičar u sekciji/For the job vacancy advertised: Jazz Musician in Section/ Bass Trombone in Jazz Orchestra).

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